agnieszka olejnik
Absolutely amazing place to order !!! Special thanks to Kolatek Delli in Palatine for preparing a delicious Birthday dinner for my husband. The food was outstanding ! Everyone who attended couldn't say enough about the quality and freshness. Will definitely order again :)
Carla M.
This place was a surprise. It's not well "signed", so it's hard to tell from outside what you find inside. This a bright, well designed, white tiled, modern, little European gem on Rand Road. It has its own parking lot, on west side of Rand. Once inside you'll find all kinds of German/ Polish sausages, meats, baked goods, pastry, breads, and grocery products. There are fresh meats, many ( many) kinds of dry beans and flours ( think " Whole Foods-like). There is also a full deli, ready for salads, sandwiches or deli plates to order for parties. I was really surprised--- had expected to find a an old world/ not enticing market. This place is worth visiting, and their cakes, eclairs, tiramisu, rice puddings, etc, etc-- all worth trying. No one paid me to write this, and I'm not connected with this place, just thought they deserved a plug.
Nice little Polish deli and bakery. I really enjoyed the goulash, pork pierogi and paczki. I am picky on pierogi as I make it myself and this is the may be the best pierogi I've had in the Chicago area. They offer many types of fresh baked bread. I tried the standard rye bread which has a bit of sourdough flavor. I like caraway seeds which this loaf did not have so next time I will purchase one with seeds. The store is very clean and bright. The people working here are nice but feels.like they still have some training to do. I will be back again soon!
Beata Gadek
Wonderful new polish bakery and deli in northwest suburbs. Impressive selection of bread and salads,soups, meat dishes and more.
Lynda Dukala Landgraf
yum. food Great Sausage , and Bread. clean nice place.
Sandi Cichon
Good food very friendly employees clean store 🏬
Debbie Zeas
The paczki's I bought there were the worst I've had. There was way toooo much of pastry and almost NO filling. It was like 1 drop of filling. Very big disappointment.
Kristen Schuman
Delicious!!! Great service and always helpful!